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NMEA 2000 Converter CX5003 Dual Channel N2K 0-190 Ohm Up To 16 Sensors Marine Boat

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Product Description

The Converter CX5003 Dual Channel from VFS Marine is designed to provide a for use in marine environments.

The CX5003 Dual Channel excels in acquiring analog signals and converting them to NMEA2000 network parameters. With a capacity for up to 16 sensors, including customizable options, adjustable speed ratios (1-200), and IP67 waterproofing, it ensures reliable and stable performance in harsh marine environments. A versatile accessory for boats and yachts, this device effortlessly collects and interprets data, offering advanced features for marine applications.



CX5003 Dual Channel seamlessly collects analog data from 16 sensors, customizable for various parameters.



    • Part Number: 20350
    • Item Type: NMEA 2000 Converter CX5003 Dual Chanel
    • Waterproof Grade: IP67
    • Size: 100mm x 68mm x 50mm
    • Features: Acquires sensor parameters and converts to NMEA 2000 parameters Collects data from up to 16 sensors
    • Sensor Parameters (customizable):

          Speed ratio adjustable (1~200)
          Engine tilt/trim (0~190ohm)
          Oil pressure (10~185ohm / 0~10bar)
          Temperature (301~22ohm / 40~120°C)
          Rudder (0~190ohm)
          Fuel level (0~190ohm)
          Freshwater level (0~190ohm)
          Wastewater level (0~190ohm)
    • Environmental:

          Operating Voltage: 9 to 32 Volts (DC)
          Power Consumption: <120mA
          Operating Temperature: -30~75 degrees
          Storage Temperature: -40~85 degrees
          Degree of Protection: IP67
    • Connection

          Connect to “Micro-C" NMEA 2000 interface.
          Connect to the corresponding interface according to functional requirements

      Package List:

      • 1 x Converter CX5003 Dual Channel
      • 1 x Tool
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