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10 Pcs 30A Amp 600V Power Marine Connector Pole Set For Anderson Plug Powerpole

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The Power Marine Connector from VFS Marine is designed to provide a for use in marine environments.

Introducing a brand-new, high-quality connector made from durable materials, ensuring quick and safe connect-disconnect functionality. With silver-plated satin for a high-current working environment, it minimizes sparks. The interchangeable plugs, featuring a universal design, streamline inventory. This versatile connector, suitable for various applications like electric power, vehicles, and solar systems, offers multi-color options for a user-friendly experience.



For power Quick connect and disconnect, easy and safe.



    • Part Number: 20300
    • Item Type: Power Marine Connector
    • Material: Polycarbonate (PC) shell, stainless steel shrapnel, copper
    • Color: red and black
    • Rated voltage: 600V
    • Current: 30A
    • Available wire diameter (AWG): 12-16AWG
    • Wiring size (AWG): 16/20-10/12AWG (0.52/1.3mm2-3.3/5.3mm ²)
    • Interface mode: plug
    • Working frequency: high frequency
    • Average contact resistance: 0.6m Ω
    • Withstand voltage: 2200V (DC)
    • Insulation resistance: 500M Ω
    • A. No load (Contact/Disconnect Cycles)
    • B. With load (hot plug times @ 120v) Under Load (Hot Plug 250 cycles@120V ) To10,00030A
    • Average plugging force: 26N
    • Fire rating of rubber shell: UL94 V-0
    • Operating temperature: - 20 ° to 105
    • Contact material: silver plated copper
    • Locking force between terminal and rubber case: 90N

      Package List:

      • 1 x 5 red Shell Power Marine Connector
      • 1 x 5 black Shell Power Marine Connector
      • 1 x 10 Terminals
        Part Number
        Insulation Resistance
        500M Ω
        Cable Wire Gauge
        Wiring size (AWG): 16/20-10/12AWG (0.52/1.3mm2-3.3/5.3mm ²)

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